Indiana Society of Professional Health Professionals

What is InSOPHE?

The purpose of Indiana Society of Professional Health Professionals (InSOPHE) is to promote, encourage, and contribute to the advancement of the health of all people and to advance the health education/promotion profession through research, service, leadership, education, and distribution of appropriate materials.

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Joining InSOPHE

Becoming a member of the InSOPHE group can be an interactive experience as well as an informational one. Members will be kept up to date on the activities of the organization through event reminders and notes on upcoming opportunities to network with your colleagues and earn continuing education credits.

InSOPHE is now on Facebook and LinkedIn!

We look forward hearing from you on the InSOPHE Facebook group and LinkedIn group. This is our chance to receive your genuine feedback on how we can continue to grow as an organization and provide the tools and resources you need to continue to advance health education and promotion within the community.

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Partner with InSOPHE for Your Next Event

Interested in increasing attendance at your conferences and workshops? Partner with the Indiana Society for Public Health Education (InSOPHE) to offer Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) continuing education credits at your next event. Contact us for more information.